1) Immortal Jellyfish

Turritopsis dohrnii are the types of jellyfish that are known to be immortal due to their unique life cycle. It has been observed that they begin their life as a free-swimming tiny blob called a planula which further grows and forms a colony of polyps which further develops into a fully grown jellyfish. What makes them immortal is that instead of dying they have the ability to transform themselves back into their juvenile polyp state from their adult form once they have reduced.

2) Naked Mole Rat

It is said that these types of rats don’t feel any pain. The reason behind this is that just like humans these types of rodents don’t have that special signal system that is needed for sending pain signals to their Central Nervous System. They are also known for their high resistivity power against cancer.

3) Tardigrade

Tardigrades are one of the creatures with supernatural powers. These are considered the strongest creatures living on this planet as it is barely impossible to kill them. They can survive in extreme physical conditions such as from −458°F (-272°C) to 300°F (150°C) temperature, up to 40,000 kPa pressure, enormously high radiation and even at vacuum conditions. They can even survive without food or water for about 30 years.

4) Hairy Frog

The specialty of these frogs is that they break their own bones to produce claws that burst through its skin as weapons just like X-Men’s Wolverine for their self-defense under the dangerous situation.

5) Mantis shrimp

They possess a serious and unique weapon inside them those are powerful, hammer-like claws that are extremely sharp and can also accelerate with a speed of 53 mph (23 m/s). While experimenting with them scientists need to capture them in thick cages because they are capable of breaking aquarium glasses.

6) Mimic Octopus

They have the ability to imitate/act like other local species. They not only possess camouflage nature but also have the ability to copy the typical behavior and shape of various animals or objects.

7) Platypus

They are the only duck-billed, beaver-tailed, otter-footed animal which is unusual mammals as they lay eggs instead of giving birth to live which a normal mammal does. They have a 6th sense of electrolocation which helps them to sense electrical signals. Due to this ability to detect and locating different levels and movements of an electrical field, they can sense their enemies and can hide from them and save their lives.

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