Day: June 22, 2022

Health Medicine Science

Metaverse: The next frontier for Health 4.0

Credit: With a predicted market size of USD 800 billion by 2024, the metaverse is taking social connections to the next level. Over 74% of adults in the US have joined or are considering joining this virtual space. Various industry experts have discussed how the metaverse can transform gaming, entertainment, socializing, work, and commerce. However, not a lot […]

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Are vampires real?

Credit: The short answer is no – sorry, that might not be sufficiently spooky for this time of year, but that’s really because we’re asking the wrong question here. We shouldn’t be thinking about whether a mythical creature is real, but rather where the myth itself came from. What inspired such a specific set of rules […]

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Understanding How Animals Perceive the World

Credit: To make handling livestock as stress-free as possible for animals and humans alike, first we have to understand how animals think. Most humans combine varied degrees of verbal and visual ways of thinking. Animals, however, think only in pictures, sounds, smells, touches, and tastes. This becomes a problem when people interact with animals […]

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