Day: June 23, 2022

Scientific Theories

How your brain works in 11 dimensions

Credit: When working on a problem, neurons in the brain form into “a multi-dimensional sandcastle that materialises out of the sand and then disintegrates”, according to researchers at the Blue Brain Project – a collaboration of neuroscientists and mathematicians based in Geneva, Switzerland. In a paper in the journal Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, the researchers reveal mathematical modelling […]

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The “I Feel Like a Child” Syndrome

Credit: Do you sometimes feel as though you’re really a child inside? KEY POINTS People internally “harass” themselves by identifying with a self image that is as uncertain and self-critical as it is out-of-date. Confusing oneself in present day with an earlier, less capable self can lead one to overly rely on others or […]

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What Is Your Intuition and Why Do You Need It?

Credit: In life, people have to analyze a lot of things and make a number of decisions. However, the truth is, you can’t always get enough information to logically analyze the authenticity or reliability of the things and people around you. How do you make decisions or come to a conclusion on various subjects without credible […]

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