Day: July 1, 2022


Why Hindus offer a Coconut to God and Goddess

Credit: In Hinduism, coconuts are considered to be sattvic (pure and auspicious). The coconut in Sanskrit is referred to as Sriphala or “the God’s fruit”. In India, one of the most common offerings in temples is coconut. coconut is also offered on occasions like weddings, festivals, use of a new vehicle, bridge, house, etc. […]

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21 Minute Habits That Can Boost Your Productivity by 100%

Credit: As the name suggests, micro habits require minimal motivation and effort to accomplish. Eventually, this little habit will build on top of itself into something bigger and better for you and your goals. It’s like when you start running. You may only be able to make it half a mile. But, eventually, you’ll […]

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Alexander the Great in India: Furthest and Final Conquests 327-325 BCE

Credit: After conquering most of the Achaemenid Empire Alexander the Great turned his attention to India. Here on the Indian subcontinent, he would fight some of the hardest battles of his career. With the conquest of the Achaemenid Empire all but complete, Alexander the Great continued to march his armies eastwards into the Indian […]

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