25 Taiwan Travel Tips For A First Visit

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Taiwan is an easy country to visit whether solo or in a group. However, I thought I’d put together these 25 travel tips for Taiwan to ensure your trip is smooth and enjoyable, plus you understand some of the history and culture by the time you arrive.

25 Taiwan tips

I recently spent 3 weeks in Taiwan which is a relatively long time to spend in such a small country. I chatted with the locals, rode the trains, ate the food and geeked up on the cultural etiquette. I’m no local but I do feel confident sharing these tips for Taiwan travel. I hope you use them to plan the perfect Taiwan itinerary!

These are the top things to know before going to Taiwan.

Veggies – do your homework

Taiwan is a place where being vegetarian is tricky. Meat is at the heart of many local dishes and vegetarianism simply isn’t popular (yet) like it is at home.

My best Taiwan travel tip for staying healthy is to seek out ‘lunchbox restaurants’ where you can help yourself to buffet dishes and pay either by weight or number of dishes. They always have meat, fish and veggie options, plus the veggie ones are cheapest.

Whenever I was craving something healthy, I grabbed a big box of rice and veggies and never paid more than 100 TWD. You’ll see plenty of these restaurants in cities like Taiwan and Kaohsiung.

There are earthquakes in Taiwan

Taiwan is a seismic region so you should be prepared just in case one hits. They’re usually harmless but you’ve nothing to lose by being prepared and checking out evacuation exits from your accommodation.

When I went hiking in Taroko National Park from Hualien, several hiking trails were closed due to an inland earthquake that could potentially have dislodged rocks and tree branches. Have a plan b in case the elements shake up your hiking plans.

Understand the currency

The currency in Taiwan is the New Taiwan Dollar (TWD). The exchange rate is currently 30 TWD to $1 USD. Nowhere near as confusing as Vietnam where you’ll withdraw a $100 and receive several million Dong!

How much cash?

The good news is that Taiwan is a very affordable place to travel. Accommodation is the one thing that’s slightly more expensive so if you’re paying for that in advance, you won’t need a great deal of spending money. You can eat a hearty night market dinner for 60 TWD and meals in restaurants aren’t much more.

Choose between a SIM and Wi-Fi

This travel tip for visiting Taiwan relates to staying online and connected. On arrival to Taipei, I paid £20 for 5gb of data in a phone shop which is more than Southeast Asia but still considerably cheaper than South Korea.

Wi-Fi hotspots are prevalent in Taiwan so you might wish to forgo a SIM card. If you buy one, remember to bring your passport as can’t purchase one without identification.

Bubble tea is life

If you don’t like bubble tea, that’s got to change! People drink bubble tea constantly in Taiwan as it’s the birthplace of the beverage. To fit in with the younger generation, my top travel tip for Taiwan is to have at least one a day… But maybe I’m just a hugely biased bubble tea fanatic!

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