5 Countries Lost From World-Map

Another name of a new country has been added to the world’s map this year; it is known to all. But do you know that many countries have gone disappeared from the map of the world in the last century for various reasons including political turmoil, war, freedom-fight, and many other reasons?

We are narrating some of the lost countries today-


About a hundred years ago. Breaking the Austro-Hungarian Empire, a new kingdom was born in southeastern Europe, with Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo in 1918. The country was named after Yugoslavia in 1928. But after the unification, Yugoslavia faced more hostility and involved in World War II. In the post-war period, the country continued to move under the legendary Communist Leader Marshal Tito (Josip Broz Tito); but after Tito’s death in 1980, Yugoslavia had faced severe interventions and then broke down in 1992. Member States were gone divided as well. Kosovo declared itself free from Serbia in the last 2008, as the last independent Yugoslav country.


The ancient-mysterious kingdom, Tibet located in the northern part of the Himalayas, in central Asia, has been standing as a self-ruled region founded by the Dalai Lama since 1912. Although the region is familiar as a part of China, most Tibetans here refuse to accept it. In 1959, Tibetans staged a movement for freedom against China; but failed. Many Tibetans, under the leadership of the Dalai Lama, had started sheltering at the Dharamshala in India’s Himachal Pradesh, seeking refuge from the Indian government. There the independent Tibet’s exiled government was established.


Many people will find this country in Islamic books. The name Abyssinia is common in Europe; however, its nickname is Ethiopia in the Arab World. In the 19th century, Italy made many attempts to conquer Abyssinia. In fact, Ethiopia, well-known as the Horn of Africa, never became a colony. In 1930, Mussolini, the Italian leader, was able to take over Ethiopia partly. Ethiopia is one of the front-liners to form the UN after World War II. The earliest human fossil found in Ethiopia, rich in ancient history. The Ethiopian lava lake is one of the most impassable places in the world.


This country, like Yugoslavia, was formed in the wake of World War I. The three Eastern European countries Moravia, Slovakia, and Bohemia; had formed the country breaking the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In World War II, the country participated in the war on behalf of the German axis. Later, two countries named the Czech Republic and Slovakia were born as peacefully breaking Czechoslovakia in 1993. The Czech Republic is known as the most beautiful country in the world.


Sikkim, the name of this small snowy area in the Himalayas bordered with Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet (China) is known to many people. From 1642 to 1950; until going under India; Sikkim was a separate empire. In 1975, Sikkim was declared as a state of India.



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