6 Principles of Positive Energy At Work

Most people want to feel more positive at work. Often they feel instead a mix of lost, stressed, exhausted and empty.   They ask me ‘how can I deal with my stress, manage my energy and experience more positive emotions?’  So here are some tips from my Positive Energy At Work workshop.Where It Comes From The real underlying reason is the way we approach work.  We  live with the legacy of the 19th Century facturies.  There is still something mechanical in how we tackle our goals.   From an early age we are taught to push to get the grades.  Without being shown how to balance that with our own inner knowing and honouring of our own needs.  Work then tends to pick up where school left off – asking even more of us.

We Get Disconnected 

What happens is this we loose ourselves in the chase for success… We feel stressed because we keep pushing without ever really recovering.   We feel exhausted because we underestimate what we will need to succeed. We feel lost because we don’t always know what success really is for us.   We feel empty because we loose connection with our real potential.We feel unconfident because we can’t remember our real value.We feel hopeless because we don’t believe we can change things.

The Way Back

The way back is to reconnect to yourself.  Here are the 6 Principles of Positive Energy At Work – to do just that:

1. Integrate Positive Energy Habits

To stop the stress cycle.  Include at least 15 mins a day of conscious recovery.  

Everyday, what is the one thing you can do that gives you energy?

2. Fill Up Your Tanks  

Your emotions are messengers.  They are trying to tell you something… Listen in and honour what you really need to thrive and flourish.  

So what are your emotions trying to tell you?

3. Redefine Success

Reflect on what real success is for you.  Not just how it looks, but how it feels.  And from now on focus on what matters.

How can you spend more of your time on what is really important to you?

4. Create Self-Fuelling Work.  

Do more of what you are good at and energises you.  So that you can contribute your best self.

How can you align your work more to your innate potential?

5. Build Your Confidence

Understand your real value, stop the self-sabotage and start believing in yourself.  So that you can step into your real power.

How can you support yourself better?

6. Have Real Conversations

Choose to say what is true for you. Learn to partner with others in a new way.  So that you can make change happen.

What is the one thing you really need to say?  And to whom?

Until next time.

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