Beach Or Mountains? Let These 10 Traits Decide Which Team You’re On In 2022!

The depths of waters, or the might of mountains? The sound of waves, or the peace and quiet of mountains? A lovely laid-back beach vacation, or a serene and tranquil mountain retreat? The choices may differ for every traveler but it is unbelievable to witness how certain characteristics of a traveler leads them to make a choice between a beach or mountains. The traits have been crafted to capture the true essence of a traveler. Don’t believe us? Scroll down and decide for yourself whether you’re a beach person or a mountain person based on these 10 personality traits.

Pick Between Beach Or Mountains

Are you a beach person or a mountains person? Classify yourself in the below mentioned list to take a side. Each trait has been carefully designed to define the characteristics of the traveler in you. Between beach or mountains, which one would you pick? Browse through this blog and make a decision for yourself:

  • Extroverts Vs Introverts
  • High On Energy Vs High On Nature
  • Social Butterfly Vs Self-Centered
  • Naturally Restless Vs Naturally Reserved
  • Go-Getter Vs Creative
  • Likes Association Vs Prefers Alienation
  • Conversationalist Vs Listener
  • Materialistic Vs Romantic
  • An Entertainer Vs A Thinker
  • Adventurers Vs Peace-Lovers

1. Extroverts Vs Introverts

A study carried out in University of Virginia has revealed that being an extrovert or an introvert does have an association with the geographical location of their choice of destination as well. Based on a total of 613,000 personality surveys, the reports suggests that extroverts are the beach people who are more prone towards the hip and happening beach life. On the other hand, introverts are the mountain people prefer the peace and quiet of mountains and natural surroundings where they can just be themselves.

2. High On Energy Vs High On Nature

Given that the beach life is totally upbeat and lively, beach people are generally active and highly energetic in their daily lives. Whereas people who love mountain vacations, are more of balanced travelers who love to be around nature. They believe in living in the moment and dealing with one thing at a time.

3. Social Butterfly Vs Self-Centered

As far as the virtual world is concerned, a beach person is observed to be more of a social butterfly. Clicking selfie every now and then, sharing it across all social media platforms, replying to each comment, and getting glued to the phone are more likely to be the traits of a beach person. On the contrary, a mountain person wouldn’t mind ditching the virtual world to get connected to the real world around them. Trying their best to stay away from people’s focus, and shying away from the camera, is the person who chooses to be a mountain monk when it comes to beach or mountains.

4. Naturally Restless Vs Naturally Reserved

Both beach and mountains people are happy in their own way. Though the beach person may be very carefree and cheerful in nature, a mountain person may appear to be very calm and composed, and still be happy at the same time. Hence, the degree to which they express their happiness and excitement is what makes them prone towards either beach or mountains.

5. Go-Getter Vs Creative

Beach and mountain people differ a lot in their professional lives as well. While the highly active beach people are more of go-getters who believe in getting the job done, mountain people are more of visionaries. They are a bunch of creative heads who believe creativity is not bound to a time limit. Finding beauty in simplicity is their forte.

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