Inspiring Ancient Tale – Getting Good Returns With No Pursuit


The ancient moral tale Getting Good Returns With No Pursuit comes from Treasured Tales of China Vol. 2.

This book is filled with historical stories and legends that foster morality and virtue. The short stories take us back to ancient times in China and the book sparkles with wisdom. It is translated by Dora Li and edited by Evan Mantyk and Connie Phillips.

This volume contains four chapters: Historical Figures, Folktales, Immortals Who Obtained the Tao, and Virtue Through the Ages. Here, we will share one story from the chapter “Virtue Through the Ages.”

Cui Wei was told the old lady was actually an immortal. (Image: Hùng Anh Trần via Pixabay)

Getting good returns with no pursuit

In the Eastern Jin Dynasty, there once was a man named Cui Wei. One day, he was having his meal in a restaurant when an old lady came in begging for food. She accidentally fell on the floor and knocked over a table full of wine jars. Quickly, she was beaten and cursed by the restaurant owner.

Cui Wei did not have much money on him at the time, so he promptly took off some of his luxurious clothing and gave it to the owner as compensation for the old lady’s damages. The owner accepted the robes and let the old lady go. She didn’t even say a word of thanks before leaving, but Cui Wei didn’t mind.

Several days later, Cui Wei met the old lady again on the road. The old lady told him: “Thank you for your kindness in helping me resolve that disaster. I am giving you a special medicine called Yue Ai-jiu. If you or anyone else has a big lump on the neck, you may use this drug to dissolve it.”