Seeking Spirituality? Here are Five Destinations You Should Visit

The term ‘spirituality’ might mean different things for different people, but one thing that is certain about the notion is that it effectively transcends boundaries of nationalities, religions, and beliefs.And since we dearly believe that travelling is in itself an act of pure spirituality, here are five best destinations around the world you should visit, if you are seeking peace and calm.

Kyoto, Japan: ‘The capital of peace and tranquillity’

Once famously known as Heian-kyo or the ‘Capital of peace and tranquillity,’ Kyoto in Japan has been the center of the country’s rich culture for more than a thousand years.And believe us when we tell that the city has no dearth of spiritual sites to visit, that include over 1,600 Buddhist temples, 400 Shinto shrines, and 90 Christian churches.Truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Cape Reinga, North Island, New Zealand

According to the Maori mythology, Cape Reinga, also known as Te Reinga Wairua or the ‘leaping place of the spirits’ is where the deceased depart, sliding down the old tree to join Goddess Hinenuitepo in the afterlife.What is an ancestral connection for the Maori, is a breathtaking sight for travelers.Head there to give yourself a break from the maddening hustle and bustle.

Sri Pada/Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka

Adam’s Peak, locally known as the Sri Pada, is a lump of dented rock sitting atop a pyramidal peak, in the midst of the tea country.Devotees of distinguished religions take the tough hike, passing through spectacular tea estates, shrines, and steep steps to worship this holy place, which depending on their faith, could be the mark of Buddha, Shiva, Adam or Saint Thomas.

Mount Kailash, Tibet: Considered holy by people across religions

Reaching 6,714mts high in the wilds of western Tibet, Kailash is beyond just another mountain.It’s the source of four of Asia’s great rivers, which are worshipped by billions across the globe.Be it Hindus, Buddhists, or Jains – the place is considered holy by people across religious identities.Once there, you can perform ‘kora’, a circular pilgrimage roughly 52km long.

Crater Lake, Oregon, USA: For some much-needed inner calm

Legend has it that nearly 8,000 years ago, Mount Mazama blew its top and the deep hole left behind flooded, thus becoming Crater Lake.And of course, the resultant landscape is mesmerizing.You can follow the trail to the water’s edge. Or sail to the Wizard Island, a cinder cone formed during the ancient eruption.It’s a great place to experience some much-needed inner calm.



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