Human development


Changing Minds With Compassion Rather Than Coercion

Changing minds is a delicate issue. While it can easily be done through manipulation for selfish intentions, genuinely elevating a person’s understanding with your heartfelt application takes some serious considerations. Do you think you have an idea worth sharing? Did you recently gain some insights on an issue that you are eager to tell your […]

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Human Beings Need to Repent

In this second part of our series on three great themes of the Bible, we look at why humans must repent to have a proper relationship with God. In the first part of this series on three themes of the Bible, we learned about God’s great purpose to develop a relationship with human beings. We learned that […]

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Born To Die: Why Do Humans Get Old?

Most people accept that getting old is an inevitable part of life. We are born; we grow to become fertile adults, and then our bodies age until they expire at an average age of 80 for men and 84 for women in British Columbia. As we age, some of the inevitable symptoms include graying and thinning hair, loss […]

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How Human Brain Mapping Can Help You Understand This Master Organ?

What is Human Brain Mapping? As the very term suggests, human brain mapping is the practice of sketching a complete picture of different parts of brain. But it is not limited merely to the exploration of the structural aspects of your master organ, the researchers also try to understand the functional specialties as well as the […]

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Scientific Theories

4 Convincing Scientific Theories That Fooled Scientists For Decades

There are surprisingly few proven facts in science. Instead, scientists often talk about how much evidence there is for their theories. The more evidence, the stronger the theory and the more accepted it becomes. Scientists are usually very careful to accumulate lots of evidence and test their theories thoroughly. But the history of science has some key, […]

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