How Lunar New Year Is Celebrated In Different Countries?

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Did you know that the lunar new year actually refers to the beginning of the year in both the lunar and lunisolar calendar, instead of just one specific day of the year? On December 31, people around the world would stay up past midnight to celebrate the new year in the Gregorian calendar, which is a civil calendar used by most of the world. However, even though we use the Gregorian calendar internationally for business, professional, and even personal events, societies around the world often use an additional calendar for cultural or religious significance. There are three types of calendars…

Klara, the Beautiful

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Once upon a time, in the kingdom of cedars lived a mighty prince. He loved to hunt in the cedar woods mounted on his steed and surrounded by his nobles. One day he was after a majestic stag that was wearing a big sapphire on its forehead. The stag was peacefully watching over its head in a clearing. The mighty prince took out an arrow, stretched his bow, aimed, and shot at the stag. The arrow was flying with strength and precision toward the stag’s heart, but to the prince’s surprise it suddenly turned into a tulip as it was…

Who was Abraham and what are Abrahamic religions?

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Abraham, also known as Abram, is presented in the Bible as the founding father of the Israelites through his son Isaac. In Islam, he is known instead as Ibrahim and recognized as a prophet, patriarch, and messenger of God. Muslims call him the father of the Arab people and the ancestor of the Prophet Muhammad. In Jewish tradition, Abraham is considered the first patriarch of the Jewish nation. He is also seen as a symbol of the continuity of the Jewish nation. According to the Bible, God called Abram from his home to go to a land that God would…

10 Interesting Facts About The Sahara Desert: Here’s What You Need To Know

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The Sahara Desert is one of the world’s most enchanting deserts with unique associated aspects. If you want to explore 10 interesting facts about the Sahara Desert, stick around till the end. Stretching towards Northern Africa, and covering the majority of it, the Sahara Desert is considered to be an iconic landscape that is both awe-striking and mesmerizing. Imagine our world without the monumental presence of the Sahara Desert. However, as intriguing as the Sahara Desert is, do you know all about it? Today, we’re going to mention 10 interesting facts about the Sahara Desert that you may not have…

The infamous Angulimal “Finger Necklace”

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A long, long time ago a son was born to a rich Brahman family in Savatthi in India. The night the child came into the world, the constellation of thieves appeared in the sky indicating that the boy was destined to become a brigand. Despite the bad omen, nobody was hurt at his birth so his father named him Ahimsaka, meaning “the harmless one”. Ahimsaka turned into a handsome, intelligent and well-behaved young man. When he came of age, his parents send him to the city of Taxila to study under a well-known teacher to become a Brahman himself. There…

Do you know why the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed?

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The story of the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah is found in the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Old Testament. According to the story, these two cities were located in the region of the Jordan River Valley, near the Dead Sea. The cities were known for their wickedness and sinfulness, and they were ultimately destroyed by God as punishment. According to the book of Genesis, these cities were known for their great wealth and prosperity. However, despite their wealth, the people of Sodom and Gomorrah were said to be wicked and evil, engaging in all sorts of sinful behavior,…