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Does fasting cure diseases and slow down aging?

Fasting has become a talk of the town now a days. But do you know it isn’t anything new? It is well rooted in the history of many cultures and religions both from East and West. Well, so many religions spoke openly about it whereas some preferred to practice it covertly. People have been observing […]

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Medicine Spirituality

Does Spirituality Belong at the Doctor’s Office?

Credit: “Medicine attracted me because I felt it was about the realest thing you could do,” she said. As a physician, Sweet cared for people through the most difficult — or most joyous — moments of their lives.Across her career in medicine though, Sweet said she watched the field eroded by a growing emphasis […]

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Metaverse: The next frontier for Health 4.0

Credit: With a predicted market size of USD 800 billion by 2024, the metaverse is taking social connections to the next level. Over 74% of adults in the US have joined or are considering joining this virtual space. Various industry experts have discussed how the metaverse can transform gaming, entertainment, socializing, work, and commerce. However, not a lot […]

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History Medicine

Wisdom Story from Dr. Tan – Bian Que and the King

Credit: There once was a well-known Chinese physician who lived over 2300 years ago, named Bian Que. One day, the King called Bian Que to him and asked him: “I hear you have two brothers who are also physicians. Can you tell me–who is the best physician? Now, be honest!” Bian Que answered, “My […]

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