Author: Renu Solanki

Renu Solanki works as a content specialist with Postbox Consultancy Services. She is an English Literature graduate. She is an avid-reader and passionate about the study of the Universe, Spirituality, Psychology and Traditional Culture. In her free time she likes to indulge in a steaming cup of black coffee & Netflix. .
Civilization History Society

Why there are 30 million unmarried men in China?

The plight of unmarried men in China China has always stayed in the headline for one or the other thing. This time we are talking about its unique child policy which has left more than 30 million men without wives. Data says there are over 30 million Chinese single men between 25 to 40 years […]

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Science Scientific Theories

Artificial Intelligence: Will machines control humans in the future?

We know humans are born with various abilities. With the abilities like seeing, and feeling humans have made a lot of things possible. Well, we can call these extraordinary capabilities as every other living being can see, or react like humans but not everybody has the ability to think and create. Then what makes us […]

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Faith and Religion Wisdom

Why people from every culture perform rituals after death?

I know many of you must be wondering why would we choose a topic like death rituals to write on, which people usually try to avoid.  Exactly, this is why I am writing on this. People are afraid to talk about death. Well, we all know it is inevitable. Nobody can stop it. Then, why […]

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Human Body Medicine

Does fasting cure diseases and slow down aging?

Fasting has become a talk of the town now a days. But do you know it isn’t anything new? It is well rooted in the history of many cultures and religions both from East and West. Well, so many religions spoke openly about it whereas some preferred to practice it covertly. People have been observing […]

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Health Science

Social Media Impact on Mental and Physical Health

Evolution of Techno-World. I would not be wrong if I say today, we are living in a Digital world where everything is revolving around social media and the urge to post one’s life online has turned into an addiction. This wasn’t the case a decade ago, the world was still warming up to the Internet, […]

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What is the Holodomor Famine?

Holodomor, in Ukrainian, means “death by hunger.” This Famine came about as a direct result of policies created and imposed on Ukraine by the Soviet regime which covered it up and denied it, ensuring that it would not be known for decades. Holodomor also known as Great famine started in 1932 and ended in 1933 […]

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What and Why of Hippie Culture.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word Hippie? When the citizens of a nation question the government in power, it gives birth to protest. History is full of people who revolted against the government and started a movement. We know what an impact a joined group fighting […]

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