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[Video]NASA Finds Alien Solar System With as Many Planets as Our Own

Nasa made an announcement that they discovered a solar system like ours with 8 planets.

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Do You Have Any Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms?

Credit:nspirement Let’s look at coping mechanisms. Do you frequently watch television or binge-watch TV shows when stressed and unsure of how to cope? Do you ever lash out at people, or does your brain become stormy when stress or anxiety hits you? For Melbourne’s northern, western, and central districts, gambling, alcohol, and substance misuse are […]

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Ancient Stories

Inspiring Ancient Tale – Getting Good Returns With No Pursuit

Credit:nspirement The ancient moral tale Getting Good Returns With No Pursuit comes from Treasured Tales of China Vol. 2. This book is filled with historical stories and legends that foster morality and virtue. The short stories take us back to ancient times in China and the book sparkles with wisdom. It is translated by Dora […]

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10 Weird and Surprising Allergens

Credit:everydayhealth You’re probably familiar with allergies to mold, pollen, and pets. But what about allergies to water, shoes, and exercise? Get the scoop on these and other highly unusual, sometimes imagined, allergies. Allergy Outliers Allergies are a fact of life for many people, affecting an estimated 17 million adults and 7 million children in the […]

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Credit: Did you know that your clothing is sending a message? When you are traveling to different countries, immersing yourself in new cultures, and meeting new people, first impressions matter — we determine whether others are trustworthy, attractive, friendly, and even intelligent by the way that they look every single day. But what if […]

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Health Psychology

How ‘Negative’ Parenting Styles Can Affect Your Child

Credit: Parenting styles can have a lasting impact on kids, even into adulthood. Here’s how to recognize the signs. Without a doubt, parenting is one of the hardest jobs out there. It can be rewarding, frustrating, exciting, and challenging all at the same time. As a parent, you might question yourself daily about whether […]

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Hitler’s Religion: Was Hitler an Atheist, Christian, or Something Else?

Credit: The religious beliefs of Adolf Hitler are frequently misunderstood as either Christian or Atheist. A look at his own words reveals a complicated truth. Guest Post By History on the Net No matter how little you know about history, you know something about Adolf Hitler. And if you want to shut down an […]

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The Roof of The World: 10 Facts about Altitude in Tibet

Credit: Tibet is often called the Roof of the World because of its high altitude. In this article, we collected the facts that illustrate and prove that Tibet holds this name for good reason.If we look at the topographic map of the world, Tibet clearly stands out. But how high it really is? In […]

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Health Psychology Wisdom

What you need to know about willpower: The psychological science of self-control

Credit: With more self-control would we all eat right, exercise regularly, avoid drugs and alcohol, save for retirement, stop procrastinating, and achieve all sorts of noble goals? Many people believe they could improve their lives if only they had more of that mysterious thing called willpower. With more self-control we would all eat right, […]

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Why Are There So Many Marsupials in Australia?

Credit: Australia is the kingdom of marsupials, home to furry kangaroos, koalas and wombats. The continent has so many marsupials, it raises the question: Did these pouch-bearing mammals arise Down Under? The answer is an unqualified (or “un-koalafied”) no. Marsupials were around for at least 70 million years before they made it to Australia, […]

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