Personality type: Are you a Beach or a Mountain lover?

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There is no doubt in saying that everybody loves to travel. Some people make last-minute plans whereas some people like to put in a lot of effort in planning their trip. Usually, people travel for fun but some people travel to seek peace and calm and to escape their day-to-day life. However, while making a travel plan one needs to consider many things. Planning is not just about packing bags or making itineraries but has something to do with one’s personality as well, it involves the connection that a person feels with the destination. In this article let’s explore how to identify whether you are a beach or a mountain lover.

Let’s begin with understanding what makes a person a Beach or Mountain lover

Everybody has their own desires when choosing a travel destination. Whether it is a weekend getaway or a long journey, people usually consider a lot of things before traveling, one of which is the purpose of travel, which becomes the deciding factor for the type of destination. 

We are all different, hence we have distinct tastes and preferences, for example, some people may like to socialize more while some prefer to have their me-time. But, do you know these small choices tell a lot about a person’s overall personality? Whether you like the beach or the mountain, it reveals a part of you that we are sure many of you haven’t paid much attention to. 

Don’t worry, we have compiled a list of certain traits which will help you in deciding whether you are a mountain lover or a beach lover—tag along till the last to find out your personality type. 

A Beach or a Mountain lover, decide your personality type based on these traits


There are some people who like to socialize more and even make efforts to connect with almost everyone. They go around often to make new friends and talk to new people. They try to grab every possible opportunity for a social encounter that comes their way and takes full advantage of it. These social butterflies are called extroverts. Extroverts like to be surrounded by people and like to party. 

The art of meeting new people comes naturally to them. Such people often choose places where they can meet the crowd sharing the same energy and interests as them. And, what better place than the beach to find like-minded people? Beach is often preferred by people who want to have fun, party, or try different adventure sports.

On the other hand, people who prefer mountains are generally introverts. They enjoy their company and try to find isolation in the places they visit as well. Introverts prefer places with fewer crowds hence mountains suit their criteria of selection. 

The peaceful environment with fewer people to interact with makes the mountain an ideal place for introverts. 

Party animal/ Peace seeker

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Beach people like to party and are always high on energy, given that life on the beach is energetic and active. They indulge in various adventurous activities as well, which keeps them busy and makes their life vibrant. 

Whereas mountain life is more about peace and harmony, away from worldly noise, people get enough time to indulge in their selves. They like to spend their time calm and amidst nature.

Social person/Self-centered

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A beach person is always looking for a way to communicate with other people. They like to socialize a lot and are always on the lookout to make new friends. Such people are open to discussions based on their life and expect the same from the other person. 

Don’t forget these people create buzz on the internet as they are mostly active on social media and like to keep their accounts updated by adding pictures of every little happing and small moment.

The peaceful environment of the mountains attracts people who are looking for retreats and are in a search of inner peace. These people are generally involved in rejuvenation activities like meditation and exercise. They love to spend some time alone, enjoying their own company.

Truth be told, they try to stay away from social interactions. 


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Beach people are adventurous and like to play different sports. Volleyball is the most common game played on the beaches along with various water sports activities like deep sea diving, jet skiing, etc. Beach people are sporty in nature and are always ready to choose anything involving adventure. 

On the contrary, mountain lovers like to go on trail walks, treks, etc. They like to do camping in the mountains to enjoy the night view of the open sky and mountains. Such people are nature enthusiasts and are always looking for perfect spots on the mountain tops. These people mostly like to live in the present moment and cherish the beauty they are surrounded by.

Good at speaking/ Good at listening

It is also observed that mountain people talk less compared to beach people. They are said to be good listeners as they like to observe more than talk. On the other hand, beach people are known for their communication skills, they like to initiate conversations and can indulge in multiple talks at a time. 

According to research, introverted people tend to go to the mountains. Furthermore, it is also found that the people who live in mountains are more introverted than people who in flatter areas.

Moreover, it is also important to consider the common traits shared by both personality types such as they are both food lovers, music lovers, and likes to travel. Irrespective of their liking, sometimes people do things differently. Such as a mountain lover can travel to a place with beaches to explore a new place.

At times, taking a decision about the next travel destination becomes difficult for people, that’s when personality traits help one decide where they can go next. As they are guided by their inner needs and wants. Whether to dip your feet in the water or gaze at the different ranges of mountains, personality traits play an important role in making a trip happy and fun. 

If you too get easily confused between varied options, then refer to this article to understand your personality type and then decide based on the above-mentioned traits what suits you best. 

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