10 Tips To Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Today, everyone needs to spend time on screens, and our eye health takes a toll. Here are the top 10 things you can do to keep your eyes healthy!

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10 tips for eye health

In today’s day and age, we spend most of our time glued to screens. It is very important for us to take care of our eye health.

In order to keep our eyes healthy it is essential to add some habits in our everyday life.

Here are ten tips to keep your eyes healthy and strong:

1) Drink plenty of water

Drinking water is essential for our bodies. However, when we drink less water, we become dehydrated and we are more likely to get dry eyes and irritation in eyes. It is recommended to drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Drinking plenty of water keeps our eyes healthy and strong.

Good Hydration is Key To Healthy Eyes

2) Eat Healthy Diet

It is often said that carrots and greens are very good for eye health. Similarly eating fruits, vegetables and nuts are also very healthy as well. The very popular mediterranean diet is said to be very good for improving eye health and keeping eyes healthy and strong. Similarly, taking multivitamins like omega fish oil supplements also improve eye health. However, one should always consult his doctor first. The current trend of constantly eating fast food prevents eyes from getting the much needed nutrients which they need.

Fruits, Vegetables and Nuts provide required nutrients

3) Keep a healthy weight

Having a decent weight is essential for good eye health. Staying in shape keeps us fit and helps our eyes as well. When we eat healthy and maintain our weight, our eyes become healthy as well. Being overweight or obese proves to be harmful for our bodies and our eyes as well.

4) Take screen breaks

If you spend most of your day in front of a computer screen, it is important to take screen breaks. Don’t keep your eyes static in one position for a long time as that can result in eye stain. These days because of long work hours, studying and because of excessive phone, tablet and laptop use many people have dry eyes because they don’t take screen breaks and are focused on one screen for a long period of time.

Give break during screen time so that eyes get required rest
Give break during screen time so that eyes get required rest

5) Do eye exercises and eye massages

There are plenty of eye exercises and eye massages available like gently rubbing corners of the eyes. Gently rubbing and massaging the temples Similarly there are many eye creams
available in the market as well.

6) Keep a good posture

Being in the wrong posture puts extra strain on your eyes. Leaning forward puts pressure and unnecessary stress on the neck and eyes. Keeping a straight body posture relieves our
necks, back and eyes of pain and also helps prevent eye stain.

Good posture reduces unnecessary stress on eyes

These days many people can be seen leaning towards their laptop screens and looking down while using phones, being in this state for a long time can greatly impact our overall posture. So, maintaining a good posture helps our eyes stay fresh.

7) Wash your eyes

Washing eyes keeps eyes fresh and hydrated. Splashing cool water into eyes especially during frequent use helps them stay hydrated.

8) Use eye drops or artificial tears

Using eye drops or artificial tears help prevent dry eyes, irritation and red eyes. One should try to use eye drops after consulting with his doctor because they are a necessity in today’s day and age of frequent exposure to screens.

Eye drops

9) Avoid rubbing eyes

Many people have this habit of rubbing eyes unnecessarily, rubbing eyes violently or aggressively weakens the muscles of eyes. Hence it is important to avoid rubbing eyes.

10) Wear protective eye wear

Wearing protective eye wear during day time helps prevent exposure from harmful rays. Studies have shown that because of global warming, frequent exposure to sunlight can also result in several skin and eye cancers. So it is important to wear sunglasses. Also, during driving or when going to an area which has smoke, pollutants or other irritating substances. Our eyes are precious and they should be taken off in the best possible way. While using our eyes we should always remember to keep our eyes healthy and strong.

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