Day: August 8, 2022

Faith and Religion Wisdom

Why people from every culture perform rituals after death?

I know many of you must be wondering why would we choose a topic like death rituals to write on, which people usually try to avoid.  Exactly, this is why I am writing on this. People are afraid to talk about death. Well, we all know it is inevitable. Nobody can stop it. Then, why […]

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Ancient Stories

Inspiring Ancient Tale – Getting Good Returns With No Pursuit

Credit:nspirement The ancient moral tale Getting Good Returns With No Pursuit comes from Treasured Tales of China Vol. 2. This book is filled with historical stories and legends that foster morality and virtue. The short stories take us back to ancient times in China and the book sparkles with wisdom. It is translated by Dora […]

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10 Weird and Surprising Allergens

Credit:everydayhealth You’re probably familiar with allergies to mold, pollen, and pets. But what about allergies to water, shoes, and exercise? Get the scoop on these and other highly unusual, sometimes imagined, allergies. Allergy Outliers Allergies are a fact of life for many people, affecting an estimated 17 million adults and 7 million children in the […]

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