Day: August 9, 2022

Science Scientific Theories

Artificial Intelligence: Will machines control humans in the future?

We know humans are born with various abilities. With the abilities like seeing, and feeling humans have made a lot of things possible. Well, we can call these extraordinary capabilities as every other living being can see, or react like humans but not everybody has the ability to think and create. Then what makes us […]

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[Video]NASA Finds Alien Solar System With as Many Planets as Our Own

Nasa made an announcement that they discovered a solar system like ours with 8 planets.

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Do You Have Any Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms?

Credit:nspirement Let’s look at coping mechanisms. Do you frequently watch television or binge-watch TV shows when stressed and unsure of how to cope? Do you ever lash out at people, or does your brain become stormy when stress or anxiety hits you? For Melbourne’s northern, western, and central districts, gambling, alcohol, and substance misuse are […]

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